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The Private Equity Network is a web-enabled meeting place for Investors, Advisors, and Entrepreneurs of privately held businesses. Whether you have an idea for a business and need assistance, or have money or services to offer, can help you find what you¹re looking for.Join the Network Learn more about private equity Venture Opportunities Join the Network Login has an expansive line of services to assist the private equity community in finding new investments and raising capital. These services vary in price, and range from widespread exposure to highly targeted contact with investors. See Also - Buyer/Seller Matching Lender Matching Online Elevator Pitch | Post or Search Members of the Private Equity Network® can post or retrieve Venture, M&A or Debt Financing opportunities at the password-protected website. Limited to a 75 word description. Private Placement Library A secure network for entrepreneurs and advisors to present a complete business plan or memorandum to potential investors. The listing may include an audio/video "road show" presentation.

Whether you have an idea for a business and need assistance, or have money or services to offer, can help you find what you’re looking for. Private Equity is the ownership stake that results from investment in a private (not publicly traded) company. Investors in Private Equity generally are Individuals called Angel Investors, Business Development Companies, and Venture Capital Funds. ’s Private Equity Network educates, sets standards, and organizes the currently chaotic pre-IPO market. This new access to networking, technology, and published information provides a higher standard in private equity investing and a more efficient marketplace. The components of the network are finance, publishing, and technology. is an Internet hub (or portal) for the worldwide private equity and finance community. The website provides online access to Venture Capital or Merger & Acquisition investment opportunities, professional journals, research databases and educational resources for professional training. is the only company providing this broad range of private equity investment resources.

A paid membership provides all the benefits of a free membership, as well as allowing you to post business opportunities and utilize the complete Private Equity Directory, which includes entrepreneurs and qualified investors. Click here to join the Network. Select your occupation (Advisor/Investor/Entrepreneur), and membership type (Paid Annual/Paid Monthly/Free), and click Continue. You will prompted for basic member information and (if necessary) payment method. Don''t forget to log in and edit your profile after joining the Network! Unfortunately, there is no predictable timeline for how long it takes an entrepreneur to secure funding. The first step is to create a profile at . Think of your profile as an online resume; provide as much detailed information as you can. The second step is to create an opportunity listing at . Click here for suggestions on creating a more effective opportunity listing. offers a broad range of professional products and information resources that can assist entrepreneurs and accelerate the funding process, including business plan services, website hosting and development, transaction and valuation databases, and investor matching services.

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